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Creating Personalized and Meaningful

For weddings and all life occasions

Your ceremony marks a significant
transition point in your life



Are you...

  • Looking for someone open minded, who can blend tradition with modern-day values?


  • Desiring a unique and personal ceremony?


  • Seeking a wedding officiant who will be inclusive and supportive of all backgrounds and orientations?

  • Having trouble finding a wedding officiant who aligns with your out-of-the-box spiritual beliefs?

...Then you are in the right place!

I believe your ceremony should feel authentic
so that the occasion
is transformative, meaningful and sacred to you.


Feel Confident & Excited for Your Ceremony


Relax knowing your ceremony will match your vision and values perfectly.


Make Your Occasion


You’ll be able to look back and celebrate the beauty of this moment for a lifetime.

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Inspire Your Guests with a Deeply Personal Ceremony


Experience a deeper connection with yourself and your loved ones as you craft a ceremony that is truly you.


It’s such hard work to plan a wedding!

I know that your dream is to have a memorable, transformative wedding ceremony.   In order to experience that, you need to find someone who can support you in a way that is aligned and personal. 


I know what it’s like to be a seeker, and to have a  relationship to the Divine that doesn’t quite fit into any boxes. This is why I’ve chosen to put my lifetime of spiritual exploration  into practice to help people  connect with themselves and their higher source from within, for healing, growth and celebration.

This journey, combined with over 40 years of corporate information technology offers me a unique perspective and skillset to create, companion, and delivery a unique ceremony that reflects your values and beliefs.

I would love to hear your love story!



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Contact Me

696 Amity Rd unit B-1, Bethany, CT 06524, USA

(203) 435-5650

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